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MAKE MUSIC HONG KONG! 2021 Alfina Scorza - Italy

MAKE MUSIC HONG KONG! 2021 Alfina Scorza - Italy

Alfina Scorza 係來自薩勒諾嘅創作歌手。 自少年時期起,Alfina不斷探索音樂嘅不同層面,例如: 學習古典鋼琴、爵士樂及拉丁音樂,並以優異成績畢業於阿韋利諾嘅“Domenico Cimarosa”音樂學院,爵士樂演唱。 Alfina曾獲得Bruno Lauzi 最佳藝術家獎及Bianca D'Aponte最佳作曲獎。 此外,佢亦曾經入圍著名嘅意大利全國比賽入面嘅Andrea Parodi 獎及Bindi 獎。 喺 Istituto Italiano di Cultura Hong Kong 嘅支持下,Alfina Scorza嘅專屬音樂會將於6月13日於Make Music, Hong Kong! 網站及 YouTube channel上演。 節目網站: Alfina Scorza is a singer-songwriter from Salerno. Since her adolescence she has been exploring multiple aspects of music, studying classical piano, jazz and Latin music, graduating with honours in Jazz singing at the Conservatory “Domenico Cimarosa” in Avellino. She has been awarded the Bruno Lauzi Prize for best artist and the Bianca D'Aponte Prize for best composition. Moreover, she has been a finalist in the Andrea Parodi Prize and the Bindi Prize, both prestigious National Italian contests. With the support of The Italian Cultural Institute in Hong Kong, the dedicated concert by Alfina Scorza will be available from June 13 on Make Music, Hong Kong! website and YouTube channel. Festival Website: #MMHK #MakeMusicHK #MakeMusicHongKong #Franceinhk #AFHK #AllianceFrancaiseHongKong #FeteDeLaMusique #世界音樂日
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